Unexplained NBA TV Blackout

In Bucks County, PA, just north of Philadelphia.   Both last Sunday (Philadelphia at New Jersey) and last night (Boston vs. New York), there was a message on NBA TV that the games were blacked out.     At first I thought the Sixers was was being shown on another channel in our area, but it was not.   Certainly, the Boston/New York game was not since it's not in our viewing area.   A friend who lives 20 minutes away and has the same channel package was able to see the game last night.   

So I'm pretty sure this is some sort of mistake/glitch and I don't want it to occur once the regular season starts.    

Don't know if this is a Verizon issue or NBA TV.   Anyone know who to contact to get this corrected?

Re: Unexplained NBA TV Blackout
Community Leader
Community Leader

What did you see when you tuned to the channel?

If I remember correctly, I think it says to hit B to troubleshoot.

Did you do that?

If so, what did it say?