Unresolved Cisco CHS 335HDC RF / HDMI handshake issue

Greetings Technical Forum -

I recently upgraded the primary TV connected to a Cisco CHS 335HDC STD via HDMI (Samsung MU6300). I also have a secondary display connected to the STB via RF. With the upgraded TV, I now am experiencing the well documented (forum topics on this issue date back to 2009) handshake issue with loss of audio on the secondary display when the primary display (connected via HDMI) is turned off. I contacted technical support this morning and was offered the opportunity to upgrade to Quantum as the only viable solution. 

I have tried all of the HDMI ports on the new primary display to see if that corrects the problem to no avail. I really do not want to use component output between the STB and the primary TV if possible. 

Has anyone found a technical solution to this handshake issue with the CHS 335HDC? 


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