Upgrading a Set Top Cable Box
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Hello-  I would like to upgrade my TV to a 4K Ultra HD with HDR 65" Sony. The Verizon STB I have is the Motorola HDMI HDQIP 71001. I've had this box for years as well as my TV. The store associate told me I should check with Verizon first because my STB is very old and I may need an upgrade to better connect a new 4K TV, BluRay player and sound bar. 

I no longer rent movies on demand with this STB because when I want to watch in HD, I get pixelation and I'm tired of Verizon telling me to unplug, reset the STB, check the cables, etc. only to have pixelation continue. I have no problems watching a "on demand" movie in SD. I have no issues watching cable TV in HD. 

My adult kids have large screen TV's and their Verizon STB is much smaller and black in color. They stated they have no issues with connections. Hopefully, someone can help me with this STB question. Thank you for your assistance.

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