Using own router, tv guide not working

I recently returned the Verizon Quantum Gateway (G1100) router I had been renting and bought a TP-Link Archer A7 (AC1750). I have no problem with the internet, but have lost the ability to access the on-screen tv guide on the set top box. It says I have no data connectivity on the STB.

The tech I talked to when I switched said I shouldn't lose any services, so of course I'm really annoyed about this--especially since my DVR is now pretty useless. A customer service guy I just talked to told me the techs he spoke to said I need a Verizon router, but both he & I believe we just need to open a port or something on the TP-Link router.

Does anyone have instructions on what to do, or a work-around so that I can enjoy the services I'm paying for? I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.

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Both techs you talked to were incorrect. The set-top box gets the guide via MoCA. This is accomplished by the coax port on the G1100. 
You have a couple options...

1. Get a Actiontec Rev I or G1100 online and put your TP-Link in AP mode. (Best option)

2. Get a MoCA adapter which will connect to you router’s LAN port and the coax that used to be connected to the G1100. This will also create a MoCA network for the set top box

3. Get a Verizon router online and configure in bridge mode with the Tap-Link as primary.