VMS 1100 Audio Direct?
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My VMS 1100 STB is connected to my amp by HDMI. 5.1 sound is just okay. If I use the Netflix widget on the STB the sound coming out of my speakers is is greatly improved. Really don't understand why there is a difference. In both cased my amp reports that the input from the STB is 5.1 and the signal sent to the speakers is the same.
So, I thought I'd switch the STB audio from surround sound to direct. But can't find the settings to change the output. The only selection on audio is audio formats of Surround, Stereo and Mono.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You need to get into the service menu. Turn off power on the box, press OK, then MENU quickly. You should see service menu. Look for audio options. You want pass-through. Hit OK, then OK to get out. I think you can also get the service menu by holding the green button on the remote for 10 seconds, but dont hold me to it.