VMS1100 dead on arrival or something on my end?

I had an Mi424WR and there was a Cat 6 cable running from the ONT to my ASUS router ( and a Cat 6 cable between a general port on the ASUS and the WAN port on the Mi424WR (  A coax cable ran from the ONT and then split to each STB and the Mi424WR and all was working fine.

I just upgraded the TV service and was sent a G1100, VMS1100, and IPC1100P2.  I swapped the G1100 out for the Mi424WR (left all cables plugged in exactly the same) and the legacy IP-STB-1 is still working fine.

However, when I disconnect the IP-STB-1 and connect the VMS1100, it initially booted up to the setup menu, and I had some issues because it wasn't activated so I called Verizon who activated it.  However, now it just shows a black screen whenever it starts up.  Verizon support was able to connect to the device and did multiple resets on it, but still no luck.  I plugged the same TV and cable into a different device with HDMI and I get signal, so I know that the cable is still fine, the TV is still fine, and it still is on the correct input (all questions I was asked on the phone).

Is my VMS1100 dead or is there something else that I need to do since I'm not using the Quantum router as the device that the ONT is directly connected to?

Re: VMS1100 dead on arrival or something on my end?
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There are a number of config items that are needed to support a non Verizon router and Verizon STB.

Try bypassing your router and see if STB activates.