VOD Free

Is it my imagination or does everyone else believe as I do that the free movies on VOD suck?  {please keep it relevant}

Time Warner had larger and greater selection than what I've seen on Verizon.  Come on Verizon ... give us some decent free movies on VOD besides horror and Happy Guy movies.

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Re: VOD Free and Watching Paid Movies on One Box

I too feel that the movies offered are pretty bad.  I do feel the primetime offerings are better than other companies, but the free movies are weak.  I have the movie package, so I have more options...but I pay for them.

I also think that the system in effect for buying VOD is awfull.  If you order a movie, you have to watch it on that tv.  So if you rent it one afternoon, you can't watch it a bit later upstairs.  I know when I had comcast we could watch movies on any set up box.  You rent a movie, you can watch it on any DVD player.  You should be able to watch a PPV or VOD movie on any box, especially if you're willing to pay $5.