VOD Pixelation

I have a problem with Video On Demand, when watching VOD programs on any of my TV's the picture becomes pixelated. I've contacted Verizon tech support and they ran a host of test and have not been able to identify the problem.

I don't believe the problem is in my equipment or premises. The problem only seems to happen at night. If I want any VOD program in the morning hours, the picture is crystal clear without issue. But as I want now at 8:41pm, the picture is hard to watch.

Verizon has offered to send a tech, but I doubt they will see the problem unless they come at night.

What do I do? Has anyone else had this problem?

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VOD is streaming over IP. Pixelation is sometimes caused by IP Packet Loss, i.e., network congestion.  Try measuring your network speed (link below) at various times, especially when you notice this problem.  Remember to stop VOD before running the test as that will skew the results.  If you have lower speed when the problem happens, it could be that you and a lot of other folks are trying to share the bandwidth.