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I just want to watch the movie that I paid way too  much to have on my computer. I just want to be able to Chromecast my shows. I can't even complain about this on support, becuase your plug ins and software are so outdated. My choices between **bleep**ty Verizon and Comcast are what I learned about in the monopoloy section of my business degree. I'm only leaving this to hopefully wake up the minds of people at Verizon, that soon you'll lose everyone that realizes there is a better way to watch the few shows we want to.... oh wait, you can't lose me - because you make me sign my life away for 2 years. Lord have mercy.

PS. HBO please move GoT and Girls to Netflix.

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This is mainly a peer to peer forum.

Are you talking about movie rentals or purchases?

I can mirror my phone and tablet to my Roku and my TV.
That allows me to watch VOD on my TV.