VOD show episodes & disabled Fast Forward

You know, I get it. The provider wants us to watch the ads. I don’t mind watching the ads, so why not allow us to Fast Forward through the content until the ad, watch the ad, then Fast Forward again?

I often fall asleep 50 minutes into an episode, and miss the last 10. Having to sit through the 50 minutes I’ve already seen in order to watch the last 10 is ridiculous with a company as tech-advanced as Verizon. FFS, even my DVD player recognizes that we’ve already watched something and asks what we want to do.

This is NOT free TV, we are paying for this service.

It makes no sense to force people to rewatch the CONTENT they’ve already seen, and I don’t have the time to waste, so typically this means I miss the ends of most episodes.

Gets me wondering, why am I paying twice? First with my money, second with my wasted time.

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Community Leader

I believe this is the same across all providers.

Not a real easy method to have VOD keep track of ads.

From what I udnerstand, VOD content comes from providers.

So they would have to mark the ads so that VOD could know where they are and when to stop.

One of the reasons the content provider apps are preferable to VOD IMHO.