Verizon FIos Cisco CHS435 HD - DVR Extender light constantly blinking

I have a Verizon Fios Cisco CHS435 HD

I attached a Fantom DVR Extender DVR2KEUB 2T to the set top box.

It saw it and asked if I wanted it installed and I said okay.

The DVR system sees it and shows 100% free

It seems to record properly yet what happens or is happening is the HD in the DVR external is constantly blinking and making a "writing" noises when NOT in use.

This happens so much that it slows remote control operation of the whole FIOS system. 

I then went in to the DVR set up and had the system format the drive with the STB with no change in operation. 

This kind of operation you would think will burn out the drive prematurely, especially as hard as it seems to be working doing nothing.

Thoughts, Any ideas ??


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