Verizon FiOS TV turns "off" when ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill is "on"

My Verizon FiOS TV HD set-top boxes are the Motorola silver HD GIP 7100 1 model.  My man-cave has the set top box connected to a coax outlet, and connects to the internet with a Verizon/Actiontec WCB6200Q router extender used in MOAC mode (also connected to the coax network).  We now have a new  treadmill which may connect to the internet wirelessly through the router.  The treadmill is plugged into a Tripplite Isobar UltraBlok 428 Surge Suppressor (alone).

Issue:  Whether or not the treadmill is connected to the internet during use, and especially when delinked from the router, if the treadmill is "on/operating" the Verizon FiOS audio signal quits, and the video signal freezes when watching "live programming" on the connected Toshiba HDTV.  The TV and Verizon FiOS set top box are at a separate outlet on the same circuit, connected through a separate surge suppressor.  That said, if the Verizon FiOS set top box is being used to provide "On Demand" available programming, audio and video work great!   There are no audio or video issues using a Samsung Blu-ray player or an Amazon TV Fire Stick and the HDTV.

WHAT IS A SOLUTION so that the treadmill may be used when watching "live programming" using the Verizon HD set top box connected to the HDTV?  A separate electrical circuit is NOT available.

Re: Verizon FiOS TV turns "off" when ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill is "on"
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Is it all channels that have the issue or just some?

Can you try running treadmill via extension cord run from an outlet on a ckt different than stb? That would help determine if it is interference from treadmill itself of via electrical ckt