Verizon Programming box resets and slams programming
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Here i am, ready to watch I frankenstien...  turn on the tv, the show is there, pause it to do a few things. come back to hit record, and wammo... box is hit with 8888 and a complete reset... then it comes back, its in the middle, lost all the time i paused, and the show wont come on again - so they want more than the almost $200 a month i pay to get old shows. and shows like this appearing only once on a sunday morning, then going to pay per view to see. 

Their DVR is horrid...

Directv - you pause a show, they keep the video, so you can pause and watch a movie and come to what your doing to skip commercials...

Fios - you pause a show, they dump you if you play something else.

Directv. you are on a channel, you play something on record, you stay on your channel

fios. you are on a channel, you play on record, it changes your channel to the channel of the recording unless you wait till the show is completely over, then it behaves right.

Directv rarely blasts your box and forces a new download that ruins all pauses, shows you saved, and kills things your recording... fios, does it all the time and does it when your watching... they track what you watch but not enough to figure out the dead times and hit you then. nope, they have to blast and ruin.

given that they play games to force you to do pay per view, they sit and wonder...

we charge them $180-$200 per month, and we want them to pay more for pay per view

so we dont put on shows, we put them on once to claim we showed them, then force them to pay pay per view.

netflix, charges under 15 a month, gives you the same pay per view movies, and i am thinking of buying my own DVR that dont blast me, has more memory, wont charge me monthly, change my fios to 40 dollars a month, and get netflix to watch the same pay per view movies for less.

they create an image that is false compared to their actual service, kind of like the soviet union used to do with their people. the idea of actually fixing this stuff, getting it right, and making their customers happy, is really not in their make up.

sign me very tired of losing shows, being nickled and dimed beyond $2160 per year for service.

netflix, ultra HD subscription is $12...   $144 a year.. thats less than i pay a month for fios.

their internet service is great... and i ahve been a customer on that since they were bellatlantic!!

but their fios, is aweful, and they should have bought directv rather than let a competitor do it.

my advice to everyone is get the fios internet. get the lowest cheapest fios video you can, and get a netflix subscription. you will see a lot more movies for a lot less money, and you will get to see tons of movies you want to see, not tons of stuff that is old, and they want to charge you 5 dollars to see it...  ridiculous...

second sign me, wanting to be a loyal customer and happy, hard to when now my wife and i cant see the movie we wanted because of how fios works...   when the contract is up, if it is, we will think about keeping internet, telephone and dumping video the cheapest package rather than the most expensive we have now, fios makes it a waste of money - and its the behaior of their equipment ,the censorship of their marketers, and more...  by the way the only improvement they have offered is the same screwed up software on a new dvr for even more money

i want to show up and write a great review, be happy... i was happy with directv for 20 years and i regret i ever changed to fios, and so much... no wonder they have to offer $400 to get you to join up, and netflix offers you nothing and people are running to it.

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