Verizon bills from movies I did not purchase
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Keep an eye on your emails, and Verizon bill for unauthorized purchases!

I called a got a refund, but still. Twice now is about a year, I received an email notification from Verizon with the subject line "On Demand rental confirmation" The last one was for an "Adult Title" for $17.99. at 3:11 AM, at which time everyone was fast asleep in bed.

I checked all set top boxes under my rentals and purchases for this movie, I also signed in to my online account, and the moving was nowhere to be found.

I called Verizon, the first person said there was no such purchase on my account, I asked to be transferred, and the second person investigated further, and said he did see the purchase on my account, and that there was a delay before they can see recent purchases, (third-party billing I assume.) I stated if it was in fact purchased, why am I not able to find it on the set top boxes or online, this he could not explain, he said someone in my house hold may have deleted it, then I said, then why does it not show up under recently deleted, he said he did not know how the STB’s worked.

I asked him to let me know how the movie was purchase, i.e. which STB, Online, etc. he said one, I asked for details, then he changed his mind repeatedly, in which method was used to purchase, he really only said the purchase was made through Flex View, which I assume is a third-party Verizon contacts with.

If Flex View is a third-party responsible for unauthorized billing, Verizon needs to investigate this, and we as consumers need to keep an eye on our bill.

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