Verizon corporate bias

It's a corporation people. They are biased towards right wing economic policies because it makes them the most money. They are neutral in social views because many of the customers are minorities. This is technically neoliberal. Look it up. Don't believe me? VZ makes campaign contriubutions and it paid big time with the repeal of net neutrality. Net neutrality is not liberal, it's neutral! It affects everyone. Just look at their news lineup. They even had the nerve to add The Blaze last year. Thank goodness it's gone. Let's look at their lineup.

CNN - Centerist Neoliberal News.
MSNBC - More Socially Neutral Biased for Coporations news. Their panels are full of moderate Republicans. This is liberal? What a joke.

CNBC - News for Wall St peeps with right wing tendencies.

OAN - rabid right wing trash
Faux News - right wing propaganda full of smears, lies, and distortions

Faux Biz - CNBC with Fox people and graphics.

NewsMax - Infomercial right wing news.

VZ you want more popular news channel? Do you want to be fair and represent what more people believe and not just the corporate opinion that favors economic policies for the wealthy? Put on The Young Turks for a year and see how it works out.

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Net Neutrality has nothing to do with cable providers.

It is just for Internet service.

A cable provider can carry only liberal or only conservative content if they wish.
Probably not a smart business move though.

You mentioned Young Turks.

Do thay have a cable channel?

Do they have 24 hour content?

Are they willing to deal with cable providers to set up service?


Well technically NN isn't specific to cable providers it's just thay they happen to own the infrastructure for most broadbands and become the ISP. I think they would step up to the plate with more content if they were given a nice hefty contract.