Re: Verizon dropping AMC?
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I watch AMC shows, but I personally am sick and tired of this public death threat tactic which Cablevision employs.  Cablevision, owners of AMC, We, IFC, and Sundance, as well as the MSG channels, do this in EVERY negotiation they have.  They have drawn out battles with cable providers over AMC, and Cablevision itself is always threatening to drop networks from their service. 

Just to stick it to the Dolan family, I hope Verizon dumps AMC.  I'll watch the shows on Netflix.

So STOP BLAMING VERIZON!!!!!  This is a common negotiating tactic from the sleazy Dolan family.

Re: Verizon dropping AMC?

Why do people think AMC Networks is now a "SPIN OFF" from CableVision? Doland's don't really  own all of it do they? Yes I have my opinion, but fear to voice it here because of the new UN Laws for Deep Packet Inspection!Smiley MadDolands <BLANK> 

Re: Verizon dropping AMC?
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Hi All-

I'm THRILLED to announce that Verizon and AMC have reached a deal to continue carrying the network's programs! There will be no interruption to your channel offerings, so you don't have to worry about missing a minute of your favorite show.

Thanks for sticking with us!