Verizon technician messed up all the wires in the basment I have to wait a week to get it fixed?!?

The verizon tech couldn't figure out how to work my kitchen wire.....after he left I tried and got it donw. I live in a 4 family house and he unhooked all of my downstairs neighbors wires to his Comcast TV and used those wires for me. My neighbor has Comcast coming today and now I have to go without tv for a week because that is the next available appt for a technician to repair the mistake Verizon tech made.....? Who does that?

I had a bad feeling going to Verizon, I am hoping they can come sooner and this  is an isolated incident?


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do you mean monday of next week, or a full 5 - 7 days? 

that isn't too normal. you may want to call in and try to get a sooner due date.  normally are 24-48 hour turn around time unless there was a heavy storm or anything that they are playing catch up because of.