Verizon very disappointing!
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My family has been with Verizon since ever, but the richer and bigger they grew, the more mean and unfair they became to their customers. 1. They eliminate TV channels without any reason - we paid to watch these channels and they disappear one by one without any explanation - Universal Sports, Weather channels, now France 24 on 477. They add other channels with terrible commercial that nobody watches. If I paid the most expensive package i expect to be able to watch these channels. After they disappear, they are not offered even for payment. Verizon is a censured company and eliminates all channels uncomfortable for them. 2. we are moving and because of Verizon strike, we have to be 8 DAYS without any communication - Verizon doesn't have enough technicians to do the job. Is it my fault the greedy managers of Verizon don't agree with the Union? How many millions are the bonuses of Verizon's management? 3. Because of the moving, we are obligated to take new boxes and new router, and can't keep the films that we recorded on the current box. If you obligate me to take a new box, make it possible to transfer what i recorded. There are films that you will never broadcast again. I can’t find enough words to express my big disappointment. I assume Comcast is the same, but I don’t have any other option than leave Verizon. You don’t deserve my loyalty!
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Universal Sports channel was shut down by it's owners, it no longer exists. Verizon did not drop it. And your last statement is correct, Comcast adds and drops channels just like Verizon does, in fact ALL cable companies do that as the channel providers continue to raise the prices of the channels. 

I don't get what you're saying about the DVR's, I recently moved and was able to keep all my boxes (I have 2 DVR's) and use them in my new location.  I was able to keep all of my recordings. You don't have to take new equipment UNLESS you are upgrading to QUANTUM.


I Agree with you Verizon has it problems but what i get with a two year contract  cox can not deliver what verizon does for me 

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Couple of comments:

1) Universal Sports was dropped by the provider if memory serves me correctly.

2) France 24 is a local channel. Are you sure that the main channel that carried it didn't drop it?

3) Currently, content providers don't allow cable providers to offer channels a la carte (ie pay for only the channels you want). So Verizon can't offer single channels you may want to watch.

4) I agree that you should be able to move your DVR. Are you sure they are processing as a move and not creating a new account?