Video on Demand Not Working

I have my FiOS router (G1100) connected in to my switch which is behind a Ubiquiti USG.   The ONT is going straight in to the USG.   My FiOS router is on its own subnet with coax (MoCA) going to the STBs.    My STB media server with DVR works fine and we get on-demand.    My other STBs have no issue with DVR or guide, however I can't get on-demand to work, except for on the media server box.   Any suggestions?

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Community Leader

I have pretty much same setup as you and it is working fine. I have Ubiquiti Edge router > Switch > G1100(LAN port). The only difference is the G1100 is on same subnet. The IP is changed to and DHCP server is disabled and I connect it to the switch via the LAN port not the WAN port.