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Let's be open up front: I'm not very technologically savvy.

I've recently started toying around with my On Demand options and I noticed that I'm able to view my recently watched rentals under my library. I also noticed that the shows I recently watched often times disappear before I can get back to them to resume play, and sometimes I forget what the name of the show was.

This leads me to my question--

Is there any way to view my recently watched rentals through My Verizon web site? I feel like there should be, but I can't find it. Help! Smiley Happy

Re: View My Rentals Online
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There is a way to keep track of your purchases/paid rentals both in On Demand, and online. But I don't believe that there is a way to keep track of your free rentals. To keep track of your purchases in On Demand, follow this path:

On Demand > My Library > My Purchases

To do this on your computer, you must download the Media Manager application. It's a program that operates on your computer as an interface between you and On Demand. I'll drop a link below.

However, you mention that you're not very tech savvy. You may want to consider the Bookmark function. Anytime before or during the rental process, you can add a Bookmark to the movie. While the movie remains in your Rentals list for only 24-48 hours, Bookmarks last quite a bit longer (often until you delete them). Unlike the Rentals list, Bookmarks only show on the STB you place them in. But if you go to that STB, your list will be here:

On Demand > My Library > My Bookmarks

To download the Verizon Media Manager, go here:

Strangely, nearly every other link I went to for information on Media Manager was broken. The page above leads you to a download link. If Verizon fixes the links, the Q&A page for Verizon Media Manager is here: