Viewing DVR outside the home?

I'm out of my house for a few months due to a fire.  The FIOS is still operating.  I have Quantum.  I see many articles about watching your DVR'd shows outside your home, but not a one tells you how.

I can see my set top boxes in FIOS Mobile on my Samsung Android Marshmallow tablet, but I sure can't find anywhere to stream recordings.

BTW, this forum SW is terrible. In Chrome when I try to post a new question I get:

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In IE when I try to post a new question I get a blank tab endlessly flashing something about intermdiate login.  This is from Edge.

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Community Leader

You can only view DVR content if you have Quantum DVR.

If you do, then you can view it via the FIOS Mobile app.

If you have legacy DVR, then no option for out of home viewing directly.

You could use a device like a slingbox to view that content.