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I have recently had FiOS installed at my house and live in Bristol County - MA. I was very excited to get my FiOS until I started to look through the channels.  To my displeasure, I realized that WFXT-25 Fox Boston was not in the lineup. This had come as a complete shock as I know that during negotiations back in November of 2008 with the town to get a license to install, it was agreed that Verizon would provide the Boston local channels in standard and high-definition.


I know we have the local channels for NBC, ABC and CBS but not FOX.  Truth be told if I knew that WFXT was not in the lineup I probably would have stayed with Comcast, who does carry WFXT in our area. In fact there are several people I have told I switched to FiOS have asked me what channels were available.  When I tell them that WFXT is not in the lineup, their response is “Oh, well Comcast offers it and I love watching the Fox25 news”.  There are a lot of dedicated viewers to WFXT in this area and I think Verizon should know that.  There are many folks I have spoken to who told me that they have been given a good rate from Comcast and they have WFXT so they probably would not switch over.  Comcast does carry WFXT and is starting to get competitive in there pricing to keep their customers from switching to Verizon.

I live in Mass and would like to watch my local news not Rhode Island news.  WFXT is the best newscast in the area and am very disappointed in the fact the Verizon does not offer it in the line up.  There are both Boston and Providence channels in the lineup for all other networks and am not sure how WFXT had slipped through the cracks and is not offered to us.  

Enthusiast - Level 1

I've also been annexed to the northeast's armpit and I do not care for it. I live in MA, I work in MA, and I pay taxes to support the FCC in MA. Why can I not get Boston FOX 25 programming?

I have heard that this is not a FIOS problem, rather a FCC issue. Can a verizon employee ( or someone in the know) enlighten me on just who I need to kvetch at to get this fixed?