Walking Dead schedule mix up
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Something is not right with The walking dead season 3 show! I aint judas just played sunday the 24th! The new episode for season 3 called" The clear" is due to play on march 3rd! It is not showing up on my DVR nor my T.V GUIDE! I also noticed that the black and white one is playing on the day the new season 3 "Clear" episode is supposed to be playing. I thought the black and white was playing on thursdays, and even if it's not that is irrelevent. The walking dead season 3 episode "CLEAR' should be on next sunday, and 4 more episodes every sunday after that. Now we don't have long to fix this 'BIG PROBLEM' since alot of viewers will be totally dissatisfied with this" Technical Diffuculty"! Plese help, now i have searched the IMBD, amongst other seaerches,and as far as i know i am"CORRECT",not to be rude! I would just like to get this all fixed up, because my DVR is in a big state of dissaray! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME! AND PLEASE HELP!Smiley Happy

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Basically you are saying the DVR episode titles and descriptions are not matching what is actually recorded? I don't know the answer to this, but I can ask the appropriate parties within Verizon. Thanks for the update.