Watch TV OnLine

My Verizon "TV Line-up" shows all channels I should get. I cannot figure out exactly what package of TV cahnnels I have (I have the FIOS Triple Play). Am I correct that those channels available on my list, and on my STB, should be available to watch On-Line?

I get a "Subscription Required" or this channel "is not available on several of the channels I have always watched since I signed up for FIOS several years ago, and before on that on

 Dish Net. A Verizon rep told me that the channels in question WERE included in my packge. This being the case, WHY can't I view them on-line via Verizon?

If I click on the "Subscription Required" button I get a popup that tells me the channel IS NOT PART of my package.

For several weeks I have been asking and the only answer I get back is that the problem is fixed, but IT IS NOT.

I've tried several different browsers, even my IPhone all to no avail. But my STB works just fine.

I'm at a total loss