Watching FIOS through my computer is not working

I have a HP computer that has a TV Tuner card. I had Comcast cable, and used to watch, record, and schedule recordings of TV shows though my computer. I was able to do this all through Windows Media Player on my computer, and I was able to see all the schedules of TV shows for the next two weeks. WIndows Media Player even showed the pictures for each movie or TV show.

This all worked perfectly with Comcast.

When I switched to Verizon FIOS, this stopped working. I have called the verizon help desk, and nobody knows what I am talking about. Has anyone experianced this, or does anyone have an suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help....

Re: Watching FIOS through my computer is not working
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Does your card have a QAM tuner?  Comcast is a combination of of NTSC (old analog) and digital (QAM).  Even if your tuner card has a QAM tuner, you will only be able to get the local SD, local digital (HD), music, and PEG channels - these are all that are sent in clear QAM.  None of the national channels (ESPN, USA, Sci-Fi, etc.) will be tunable (since they are all encrypted) unless you have a cable card from Verizon.

Search the forum for more information on tuners and what you get without an STB.

Re: Watching FIOS through my computer is not working
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FiOS does not have ANY NTSC/Analog channels.  So your TV NTSC tuner is useless to pick up cable on it