We moved! Net is working but no TV??? HELP!

We had just moved in today, and we were told by a professional who installed all the stuff necassary for internet, tv (etc) into our home that all we had to do was use our User ID and WEP passphrase (password). He even got the TV working the day before we moved in, so we know its good. When we finally arrived it was not working. We tried the internet and that connected successfully. is there anything my roommate and I need to know?

Re: We moved! Net is working but no TV??? HELP!
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We're sorry that you've been having trouble with your Video services.  Unfortunately there isn't enough information here to accurately answer your question.  The most common causes of no picture is that the TV is on the incorrect input, or a wire has come disconnected or unplugged.

In case neither of these is the cause of your problem, I've sent you a Private Message to gather more information.  Please respond when you have a chance.


We're glad to help to resolve your issue. Our support is standing by if and when you need assistance. You can also get help on Verizon.com/Support or on our mobile site m.Verizon.com.