What did you guys do to make the new boxes so bad?

Just upgraded all our old equipment and am missing the old boxes.
1st...no more clock display on the front
2nd when you turn em on, instead of opening to the channel its on it opens to a useless Fios page that only has one option, to continue, so have to hit menu, then that opens the menu screen where they try and sell you stuff/programs. so need to exit that.
3rd ...after a certain time watching tv it will just automatically exit your program and go to that fios screen so you get to repeat the above sequence just to continue watching your show.
Thats after 1 day so im sure theres much more I'll find that I dont care for.

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Can't do anything about the clock.

The other two issues can be rectified in settings.

power down can be addressed by setting auto power off to none.

there should also be a setting for default power in channel.

also go through and turn off everything like recommendations, interactive TV, etc.