When is Verizon going to catch up with Technology?


so its 2018 and we still can not control when the STB can turn on and off at specific times, unlike most TV’s nowadays that have on and off timers. I was just wondering when Verizon is going to upgrade and allow us to do this with the STB, so that it doesn’t need to be on all night in order for it to be on for the TV’s timer. This has been a topic in question since at least 2011 and it’s 2018, you would think that this would be solved by now or at least given us an option to do so? What also would be helpful is to be able to decided what channel the STB turns on to whenever the timer is finally created. This is because I use my TV as an alarm clock and I like it to turn on the TV in the morning with the News on, so that I can prepare for my work day, but I don’t always fall asleep with the TV on the News Station and when I do fall asleep with the TV on, I know my TV timer will turn it off, but the box remains on, which is not necessary if the TV is off. I’m just more or less asking when Verizon is going to catch up with current technology on this, since this is not a new topic being discussed in the technological world we live in. Thanks. 

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The things you are asking about have been incorporated into set top boxes with cable 

tv for many many years.

in fact my vcr had that ability, still does since I still own one which has timers. Auto on and off

i don’t use Verizon tv but a streaming service which will auto shut down but will not pop on. But if I set my smart tv to auto wake it will come on to the station I set it for the night before. And it also has and auto off. So you will have to make due with these technologies for now. Verizon does not make the STB so it’s the maker of these devices that are behind.