When will Fios add Pac-12, Fox College Sports channels, and Gol TV? (or are they coming at all?)

I live in NYC and have Fios Ultimate TV package yet still don't have those sports channels. I'm extremely disappointed (especially no Pac-12, which I had with my previous cable provider). Will Fios add those sports channels anytime soon? Is there a feasible timeline? Or are they not coming in the foreseeable future at all? If so I need to know now. And please don't give me the standard official statement to string me along just to keep me stay with Verizon in the hope of those channels coming soon while they're not. 

Thanks and please advise.  

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Wouldn't hold my breath - especially on the Pac-12 Network. Verizon Fios doesn't exactly have a footprint in the Pac-12 region, so it likely isn't a high priority. And the Fox College Sports networks were dropped by Fios last August, I believe. Sorry.