Where did my STB IP address go? Part 2

I have read the original post about the STB now having an IP but my situation is slightly different.

Both of my STBs lose their IP addresses on a daily basis. The solution I've had so far is to reset the modem and reboot the STBs. Problem is I shouldn't have to do that everyday.

I've talked to the live Verizon customer service agents and they tell me to reset the modem and reboot the STBs and since it starts working they feel their job is done. But they still lose their IP address. 😞

I have an Ultraline Series3 model 9100EM "modem" with 2 STBs: MA1108FHG014 and MA1108FUF069

Please HELP! I can't keep resetting this stuff everyday, it is very frustrating.

Re: Where did my STB IP address go? Part 2
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Community Leader

Sounds like potentially bad cable plant ... do you have any amplifiers or splitters in your cable infrastructure?  If so, remove any amplifiers -- they are not compatible with FiOS -- and for splitters make sure each of a 5-1000mhz qualified splitter.   Also, check and remove (remove splitter and disconnect) or place a terminator cap on any open coax outlets.

If that doesn't work, trying placing the modem and one of the STB's on the same outlet separated by a single splitter.  Does the problem go away for this box?  If so, this speaks to the cable plant issue above.

Lastly, do you have any other network devices in the house -- like another router or PC server -- which could be running a DHCP server?  Perhaps which have a static IP address -- specifically one in the to 120 range?   Try turning any computing devices other than the router and STB's off and leave them off and see if the STB's retain their addresses.  If so, one of the computing devices is feeding bad address information and you'll need to identify the culprit and disable the DHCP services on it.