Where's my VOD?
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Came home to binge Game of Thrones on HBO On Demand. Get messages that my VOD is unavailable, try later. I call tech support and the automated system reboots the whole house and can't fix. Wait 40 minutes for a tech to put me hold another 5 minutes to tell me VOD is out in my area, that it says it should be up at 10AM (this was at 9:30PM) and that I should try again tomorrow morning.

I work for a living and will not be home in the mroning to see if whatever is wrong fixes itself.

Never had such a poor customer experience from Verizon in 10 years. Could just put a better status message on TV and certainly on the phone system. By the way, when someone is **bleep** already, telling him twice to go online at "www.ver..." etc is annoying as hell and just makes the tech take the brunt of the building frustration when they finally get on the phone.

All this for $250+ verizon bill that also came today. No offer of refund, free movie, just try again another day to see if the service you pay for is available to be used. Personally, free credit for the HBO I can't watch would go a long way.

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I don't use VOD regularly but have had called twice in the last week with VOD issues and was told that there were outages each time.  The current one is going to be between one and two days.  When I called about the latest issue, I was told about the current outage.  I asked when it started and was told 11:30 PM.  I said that I started watching an hour before that and the problems were already there.  Go figure. 

I have had trouble with the FIOS VOD for over two years.  When it is working, the HD picture quality is substandard to that of scheduled broadcasting. 

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This is a peer to peer support forum.

Most contracts only cover complete outages.

And just vod would not count.

Plus you have access to hbogo.

Not always what you want to hear.

BTW, did vod restore?