Which VOD programs are really "free"?
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I need more information on what is actually "free" (or more accurately, included).  I have the Ultimate package, so I have the premiums, and in fact just about everything anyone could want.  But I also got 2 DVRs, and I'm wondering if I even need them, what with VOD.  For example, if I want to catch up on "The Daily Show", is that included/free?  What about "Mad Men"?  If I want to catch up on the first 3 seasons, is that included/free?  I'm asking because when I look at "My rentals", it shows an episode of TDS that I watched yesterday, but I am showing no purchases.  Can anyone clarify this?

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Very hard to say.

When browsing be sure to look at the group that says free.  And look at premium channels you subscribe to.

But also make sure you have purchases locked with a password (its under parental controls).  That way you will get a warning if you searched or otherwise came upon a VOD that is not free, and select it thinking its free. 

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Just because something shows up in "My Rentals" doesn't mean you paid for it. If you have to pay extra to watch something on VOD, it will tell you beforehand in very big, prominent wording how much the program costs.

Just FYI.