White Dots and random Restarts

I have a Motorola QIP 6416-2 DVR box and a New Panasonic tc-55le54 television.   Since I installed this TV, I have had issues with my Fios.  I have white dots on my screen that are highly pronounced in brighter colors on screen.  They start at the top of the screen and go down about half way down the screen.   they are about 3 inches apart vertically and horizontally.   They only appear when I am watching TV on fios.   They do not appear on the TV's smart systems (internet, gaming, or even the setup screens), nor do they appear on anything played from my Blu-ray player.

Also, the box just randomly restarts.   The other day it restarted 3 times during one show.  Today it just restarted when I was looking at the guide and selected a new channel.   I wake up and it has re-started.   And the television is powered off at night.

Just wondering if anyone has reported issues lime this and what I could do.  I'm concerned because I like this television, but I'm bothered by the white spots (NOT bad PIXELS either) and the random re-starts.  It's messing up my shows recording on the dvr.

Please help if you can.


Re: White Dots and random Restarts
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Sorry for the troubles Dave. To see if its a defective box, have you tried moving another one of the boxes in your home to this TV?