Why I dropped FIOS TV (and kept internet only)

Hello - I realize this is not a Verizon-only issue, since Comcast and every other cable TV provider has the same contractual problems with content providers.  However, customers are leaving the cable option because there are now several streaming and live viewing apps/services available (like Hulu).  I personally like the FIOS TV service, but unfortunately, the price point is higher because there is not an ala-carte option to choose the channels I want to pay for, which is available with the other internet app services. 

I think the providers like Verizon and Comcast will soon have to revise how they package content in connection with the content creators, since some customers are not adopting the TV service options, and some are looking for ways to save money.  Personally, I don't want to be forced to pay for ESPN, and I understand that is the most expensive channel.  The cable TV providers need to try to shift the power to them and not let ESPN and other popular channels dictate the terms.

Re: Why I dropped FIOS TV (and kept internet only)
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You need to complain to the content providers.

They are the one that are controlling how packages are filled.

Verizon tried to offer pacakages without ESPN a few years ago.
ESPN sued and won so Verizon had to go back to offering in all but those packages that contain no sports.