Why Is Another Valuable Service, The AP News Widget Being Removed On May 6, 2015?
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I Am Very Upset With Verizon, 1st They Took The Weather Channel/Widget Away From Us.

Now They Are Taking Away the AP News Widget on May 6, 2015! The Two Most Valuable Services In My Opinion Are  Being Taken Away From Verizon Fios Customers.   I Think This is Appalling!

Why Aren't Our Monthly Bills Being Reduced Due To Removal Of In My Opinion The Two Most Valuable Services Verizon Offered.  

I Am Disabled And Live On A Fixed Income, Not Everybody Can Afford To Own an IPhone.


Verizon Is Going Downhill Fast! First It Was The Web Email Service Which Still Is Not Fixed After 3 Months!

Then They Took the Weather Channel/Widget Away.

And Now on May 6, 2015 We Will No Longer Have The AP News Widget.

What's Next? 

In My Opinion, Verizon Fios Is No Longer The Number One Cable/Entertainment Company.

If Someone Asks Me About Verizon Fios, I Will Tell Them To Go To Another Company, Because Verizon Does Not Honor Their Contract Promises.

Bring Back The Weather Channel Station/Widget And Don't Discontinue The AP News Widget! 

I Am With Verizon Fios For 8 Years It Once Was A Great Service, But Not Anymore!

When My Contract Ends I Will be Going To Another Provider.