Why can't I simply add one additional set top box? Forced to lose my Digital Adapter???

I got a new HDTV for Christmas. I want to simply add an additional HD set top box to my plan for the $12.00/month as per their equipment website fee.

But anytime I do, I am told that I will lose my FREE DIGITAL ADAPTER (the -$7.99 fee would no longer be waived, as it has been for the last 8 years). I've done this via the computer and through calling them. The agents tell me the system automatically removes the FEE WAIVED for the digital adapter. 

This just seems insane to me. All I want is an additional set top box. In order to get a single new box, I would have to pay around $22/month more. Why should I lose my old equipment discount when I literally want to rent even more equipment? I've changed my fios plan many times in the last decade. 

There has to be some way where I can just get an additional box added to my account for the $12.00/month it lists on the Verizon Equipment fee website. Please help. 

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Community Leader

What model stbs do you have?

There is a limit to the number of older model devices you can have on network.

If not using VMS? You could upgrade to it and not lose free adapter I believe.