Why can't Verizon figure out what's wrong?

Still having problems with multi room DVR playback on set top boxes. DVR playback is fine, but not the STBs. Tired of holding on for  customer service, finally to be told they can't figure out what is causing multiple problems.

No fast forward on NBD HD ONLY shows recorded.

Playback on STBs, half way thru, get pixilation, tiling and audio scramble

No 'resume' on VOD even though it says 'resume'

I had none of these issues until the last software update. 

Something is definitely wrong, but VZ either doesn't know the answers

or whomever I'm talking to is too lazy to find out.

Need help, or will definitely go elsewhere. 

Re: Why can't Verizon figure out what's wrong?

Same problem here & everywhere. If Verizon would just come out & say--"It doesn't work" OR "It's not supported" at least we would have an answer, but they don't even respond!! TAKE IT OFF OF THE MENU IF IT DOESN'T WORK!!

I, too, will be checking out my options when my current contract is up!!