Why is there no place to registera complaint?

I have been a customer of FIOS and Wireless for over 10 years.  I recently moved, and I got absolutely terrible service, and it's not getting fixed.  Customer support is a runaround, and the agent that signed me completely screwed me over.  I would like to be able to register this complaint, but there is simply no place to do so.  I left comcast because of customer service, and I"m about to do the same with verizon.  I have already canceled my very expensive wireless account with verizon.  I am about to cancel FIOS and then go to a simple data only plan with another provider if my problem isn't fixed, but I get no support whatsoever.  I called support to fix my problem a month ago, and thought it was all fixed but it wasn't.  I went back to talk to someone IN PERSON, and they (the original person who messed up my account) just tried to blame me for her mistake and told me I had to talk to support.  I would like to send an email documenting what happened but I CAN'T.  This is just wrong.  I am so dissatisfied it's not even funny.

Re: Why is there no place to registera complaint?
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Hi JBurkey,

Could you please briefly describe the issue that you are trying to have resolved?

Re: Why is there no place to registera complaint?
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You could try one of the executives...

at the bottom of the page click

"about verizon"

"Our company"


Bios and a contact form for the executives are listed.  You might try the VP for sales and service, or the VP for Marketing, just remember to be polite, clear, and to the point (honey versus vinegar).  A rant will not get as much respect as a professiona approach.