Why won't my dvr record the whole program?

Why won't my dvr record the whole program I'm watching when I press the record button. It only records from when I pushed the button.

I can go through "menu" to "DVR" to "Create New Recording" to "Manual Recording" and then hit "OK" and it record from when I first started watching a program.

I used to only have to press record to do this.

I've "Refreshed Devices", Went through "Auto-fix MRDVR Issues" and ran both programs.

Still only records from the time I hit "Record", not back to when I started watching the program. 


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It is my experience that when the buffer has been recording the program I am watching, hitting the record button captures the buffer and the rest of the program as it always has for the recent past.  But if I've been surfing around and the buffer doesn't have the current channel, then it won't.  I suspect you're experiencing the case that, for some reason, the current channel is not fully buffered.  You can see if there is buffered content by hitting the info button.  If there is a progress bar at the top rather than a solid circle at the current time, then there is buffered content that should be recorded.   I just tested this.  Also, if you started a recording in progress from the buffer and then stop it, the buffer will be cleared.


I have basically the same problem, although what's most confusing is it's not completely consistent. When I've been watching a program from the start, there have been times that I've pressed the Record button at some point in the show and everything has been recorded, including the buffered content. But most of the time, that does not happen. Even when I've been on the same channel the whole time and press Record, it usually only records from that point forward, and loses the buffered content. And if I've paused or backed up into the buffer at all, then pressing the Record button only records from that point in live TV forward. 

I can't figure out whether there's something I need to do differently. There's more than one way to start a recording -- you can press the red Record button; you can press Info and Record Episode; or you can create a manual recording. I've tried these different ways and it doesn't seem to make a difference in terms of whether the buffered content is recorded or not. I also wonder if it's somehow tied to how much disk space is available.


Thanks for any suggestions or comments. I find this EXTREMELY frustrating. I was a DirecTV customer before and loved the way their DVR worked. I've been with Verizon for about 4 years now and still don't like it. The only thing I do like is the multi-room capability, which DirecTV couldn't offer at the time.

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I assume you have been watching the program from the beginning without changing channels.

If you change the channel (es;pecially if something else is recording) then you lose everything until you change back.

Or if you change the channel twice, same effect.

Never heard of this problem before.

I do it all the time without an issue.