Windows Media Center + Ceton ETH6 + CableCards

I have only been a FiOS customer for a little over a month. I choose to use my own equipment & I'm renting 2 CableCards from Verizon. From the first day of FiOS service, tuning to some channels produces the following message:

Subscription Required
You need a subscription to view this channel. Verify that
you are subscribed to this channel. If the problem
persists, contact your TV service provider.

for a couple of seconds, then the message disappears and the channel is tuned.

As of today, there is at least one channel (553 - FX HD) that refuses to tune and the above message does not disappear.

Verizon chat support has done quite a bit of trouble-shooting but no resolution.

I have run Ceton diagnostics which shows that tuning to channel 553 succeeded & that CableCARD Entitlement OK for channel number 553.

Verizon has scheduled a technician visit which I would rather not do just for 1 (known) channel issue.

Assistance would be appreciated.

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