Worst TV lineups

I have been a customer for 6 months now and have regretting signing up since week one!  This is the WORST channel line up selection I have ever had.  The channels that are basic on every other provider are categorized in an insane way on here.  You can't get typically free stations on the same plan.  But when I tried to compare lineups the website just spins and spins.  It has been 3 weeks and I can't get the line ups to load.  And Netflix widget constantly crashes and has to be reset.  Easier to just use on my laptop.  You get this stupid AI "Jessica" chat.  I want a freaking human!!!   In addition, this website is beyond flaky and half the links return invalid results.  I have tried to switch but oh yeah the cancellation fees are ridiculous.  I would NEVER recommend Verizon to anyone.  I cannot wait for my 2 years of being held hostage to Verizon to end!

Re: Worst TV lineups
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I have had no problems using the channel comparison tool.

Not sure what you mean by channels being categorized in an insane way.

Verizon has two different type of offerings.
There are regular plans that lump channels together.

There are also the Custom plans that lump channels by content type.

You can change your TV plans at any time under contract.

Just can't remove TV service altogether.