Yet another mini tv box being sent to me

I would like to know how many mini tv boxes I need sent to me in order for my issue to be resolved. I am pretty sure this will be the third time if not the fourth time within 12 months that I needed a new box from Verizon to this same issue (in my contract 14 months so far). I pay on time every month for an issue that continues to return. I have yet to contact Verizon regarding the freezing and pixelation of my cable picture at least a few times a month (I have recorded video of this issue). Verizon Chat is no help and just refer to the "credit policy" since I have an open ticket. I have tried multiple HDMI cables, resetting everything here that has the name "Verizon" on it to no avail. The ONLY solution is to continually send me more boxes?? The mini cable box is 10' from my router so distance isn't the issue here. Having to pay the same amount every month for inadequate service over and over is starting to become extremely frustrating.

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I assume you are using the mini wirelessly. Since its only 10 feet from your router can you try using an Ethernet cable instead of wireless? I think that would clear up your issue. The minis seem to be VERY sensitive to any interference in the area, even a desk lamp powersupply can cause issues with wi-fi for them. If you HAVE to use wireless, try changing the channel for the 5Ghz section of your router to a fixed low use channel. You can get one of several WI-FI diagnostic programs free on the play store or net to help choosing channels.