availablity of movies

I have recently converted to FIOS and I enjoy the picture clarity. However coming from Comcast they had several features which it would seem you couldd consider to provide greater service to your customers. One area where  FIOS is improving is in the fitness shows that you are making available. This has improved considerably and please keep it coming. Second, Comcast had a very extensive library of movies that were available free in their on demand section. The majority of  them were free except for the PPV recent selections. I was disappointed that several older fims in your browse section actually cost money like: Absent minded Professor 1961 $2.99, Aladdin 1992 $2.99, Die Hard 1988 $2.99.etc... These movies and others like them are periodically shown on  others channels for free like TNT, TBS  and USA. It seems that you are nickel and diming us. I am constantly searching for a movie and will have to drive to the Red Box at my grocery store and pay $1.00 for some of the movies you want to charge me $2.99. I am a FIOS triple play guy but my family still yearns for Comcast and the beforementioned features. HBO (Help a brother out)

Hopefully Kathleen you are listening !!!