coaxial digital output from dvr to receiver stopped working
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Weird problem.  Accidentally hit some button on remote (don't know which one) and output from digital coaxial cable to receiver stopped working.  Tried dvr reset,  pulled and plugged in cable again, tried remote reset and can't get it to work. also tried various settings on menu, but no luck.  Not a big deal because I started using optical cable output , but I would like to know what button I hit that would shut down audio coaxial output and how can I get it to work again.

Re: coaxial digital output from dvr to receiver stopped working
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Here's a link to another forum's post about the same issue a few years ago. Bad news was, for him. a defective receiver.

You can check to see if it's disabled in the diagnostics menu on page d11. But that should also disable the optical output, I would guess. There is another comment on the VZ web sire about the STB volume "can't be at zero" or it disables the SPDIF, but again the optical output would be affected too I suppose.

FYI, if you don't know how to use the diagnostic menu:

At the STB front panel with the STB on...

Press Power (off), then Select, and Select again (all 3 in quick succession).

Use the CH UP and CH Down buttons to navigate pages and the Select button to enter or leave a page.

Press Power again to exit the menu.