disney plus services ok
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hi every one if you are a verizon customer or fios you cant not get the services here was lied too from verizon is for new customes need report this the cable people look at this disney has agree add there espn plus and new disney plus on the services a month 12.99

more movies ever ok but fios it now follow the law lied ok abc gma and disney told us it be free one year for evey on verizon forall customes i ok plz need some one look to cable and people ok and not adding news 12 ok verizon is will cancel all disney shows inc abc station espn free form all the stations soon  becuse will do it ok soon pay more espn disney has loss money from the new espnplus services will lose money too

if dont not make it part of the bunder on fios will not get the services ok verizon make it free part of new unitedpg have will cancel my services soon ok 

Re: disney plus services ok
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Community Leader

All of the ads and articles I saw said it was only for new customers.

Are you saying you expected it to be free for all FIOS customers?