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I have been a Verizon customer for almost 23 years. About 4 years ago I had to reduced my phone bill by bundling and changing over to Verizon’s  Digital voice it forced me to get the extreme HD TV  package .   I never thought to check to make sure I had all the channels promised in the line up until my wife wanted to watch the Pope’s visit to Venezuela last night and could not get the channel to show up.

We called tech support and a technician came out this morning to trouble shoot and to our surprise we had not had a thing called a low Pass Filter installed on our O.N.T. Optical network terminator the connection to our house. Our ONT is about 5 years old and that release/ Model has been installed on hundreds of millions of homes in our tri state area as well as hundreds of millions across the nation with out one because it was not company policy for installers to put a low pass filter on an ONT.

If customers get more than the basic package they are losing about 50 regular channels they pay for because of this according to a Mr. Gant in the concierge department of Verizon.

Here is the really big issue for every one, we pay for a service and we should get the service we pay for even if we don’t watch all the channels in that package. When I was sold the bundle about 4 years ago I trusted them and I never personally checked to see if all the channels in the line up where there Shame on Me. But Double Shame on Verizon for not making sure that there equipment would let me view all the channels after all they are the technical People and Know what is installed on our homes and in what rooms.

If we took free services from them we would be in Jail !!!,  but they roam free ripping us off how many older people are out there getting ripped off by this I’m 52 and it happened to me.  When I asked for compensation I was told that I “would only get 1 years worth of comp at a formula of $64.95 / 295 channels = $ 0.22 per channel X12mo +$132. in billing credit.” Well it’s fine for last year what about the other 2?  Was told “that that was a more than generous deal” No it is Not. Then I asked for the presidential appeals # was given” 1-800-621-9900” To no surprise to me now it’s a non working Verizon number they give customers to make them get frustrated and give up. I should have checked it.

Lesson Trust know one and Buyer be ware they are really out to Rob us all of our hard earned cash.

Take it that its happening to just 10,000 people, now that is a cool $132 million a year they are ripping us off of if I’m right.

Wonder how much more the real figure is?  FYI an ONT is never changed unless it breaks and a tech comes out to replace it.

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Could you please provide us with the ONT model and a few of the 50 or so channels you were not recieving?  I don't recall of anyone having the same problem as you experienced.   I remember going through the entire guide to verify I got all the channels on the nice sheet of channels Verizon provided.

I'm very surisped Verizon offered you any monetary compensation especially since you never noticed any missing channels until very recently.

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Info OP listed is possibly confused.

Low pass filters are used on DSL connections.  Not heard of them being needed on FIOS single home installs.  I think they may be used on Multi-dwelling installs, but not sure that they effect TV service even then.  On the other hand splitters used on the cable connections as well as wiring itself needs to pass at least through 5-1000 mhz.

Obviously if something is wrong in the install you need to get it corrected.

Lots of reasons for channels to not show up and during the installs, they really can't check that all channels are there.  Obviously you need to check your service initially and periodically to see that at least the service you want are working.