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Need paticulars for movies on demand.  Blockbuster has gone under here.  Need to assess economical option for renting movies.  What is cost of plan??  requirements??

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My Fios bundle was installed today, and I can remember a little of what I learned...  Have you looked at your TV remote?  There is a button for Fios On Demand.  If you press that button, a whole bunch of options come up, including a search option.  You'll find movies to rent - i.e. I saw "Beasts of the Southern Wild" for rent today for $3.99.  Hope this helps!

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There is no extra charge for video on demand (VOD).  It is included as part of the TV service.

VOD titles are available at many different price points.  There are many free movies and shows.  Recent movies typically rent for $3.99 SD / $4.99 HD.  Rental periods are for 24 hours.

You can purchase some movies for various prices.  I've seen $9.99 to $14.99.

If you watch a lot of movies, you might find Netflix to be a better deal.


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You cite economic parameters in your post, so I assume that cost-efficiency is paramount. It largely depends on your viewing habits. If you want to watch just one or two VOD items a month, then VZ VOD may be satisfactory. There are quite a few free movies and TV shows available on VZ VOD, and then you can rent as required for other special cases. If, however, you plan to watch a lot of VOD, then there are better options. (Research these forums for some of the issues with VZ VOD, and you will find many that have lost patience with the technical problems. The problems range from picture/sound glitches, to VOD error screens, to limited pause capability and failure to resume.) Another option for heavy VOD viewing would be a third party device and stream from the internet. You could hook up a computer to the TV. Many modern BluRay players and TVs have internet access,and you could stream that way. Others, like myself, have dedicated devices like ROKU or Boxee Box. With the ROKU and a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime, there are more choices available than time in the day to watch it all. And all for one price - rent two VZ VOD movies in a month and that will just about pay for a subscription for unlimited viewing on Netflix or Amazon. A great deal. I am highly satisfied with my ROKU, and never consider anymore VZ VOD as an entertainment choice.

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@daveB wrote:

Need paticulars for movies on demand.  Blockbuster has gone under here.  Need to assess economical option for renting movies.  What is cost of plan??  requirements??


The renting of movies is based on customer preference.


with Verizon On Demand:

- there are 45,000+ movie titles available to rent or buy. Movie formats are in SD and/or HD, and rentals range from $2.99 to $5.99 in most cases (higher for before theater/before DVD movies).  You have 30 days from the time of purchase to watch a rented movie/show.  This gets stored in your Library - My Rentals.  Once you start the movie/show, you have 24 to 48 hours to watch the entire rental.   On Demand movies/shows can be watched on any set top box (except for digital adapters or TVs with cable cards).

- the movies/shows marked "FlexView" are available in up to 5 multiple devices (FiOS TV, PC/Mac, smartphone, Windows compatible media players, iPAD, Kindle Fire, Android device).

-if you have a subcription to certain Premium Movie channels, then you can watch movies listed on their respective on demand libraries for free at any time.

- if you have the Ultimate HD TV package (national), then you get some Movie Channels as part of the TV plan (Showtime, TMC, Cinemax, Epix), including their On Demand libraries.

-on Fridays, there is FiOS Movie Night, and on weekends there is a Family Weekend sale:  three to four featured movies are available for rental at a discounted rate ($2.99 for SD, $3.99 or up for HD). 

-There are also free movies and TV shows available On Demand.


Hence, explore the list of movies available On Demand (prior to renting), and see if it's worthwhile to subscribe to Premium Movie Channels (check existing promotions as well), or upgrade your TV Plan,


perhaps it is more cost-effective for you to go down the route of paying a membership fee to rent or stream movies.

Hope this helps!