hdmi does not work

I am trying to hook up a logitech revue unit to my hitachi hdtv.  It requires an hdmi input.  When we first got fios, (qip 6200 p2 stb), no amount of fiddling with cables, settings and what not got hdmi to work.  After much frustration, etc. said to hell with it and went with component output.  Worked fine.  Now I need hdmi.  TV keeps saying "no video signal. "  Tried all three hdmi tv ports and tried all tv input option settings.  No go. It did come on intermittently , but only after an un-acceptable delay.  Yes!  I did disconnect the component outputs before trying the HDMI.  have rebooted  and resetted the world to no avail.  According to the various forums,    this Motorola hdmi fiasco has been ongoing for almost three years.  I want a fix, ASAP.  Or at least a reliable date for a fix.  BTW I am an EE+ computer science engineer.  I've tried the entire customer service 101 stuff so please don't tell me to change my cables.

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Re: hdmi does not work
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The Logitch Revue web site (http://revue.logitech.com/support/answers?a_id=19775&source=search&strText=19775&sub_cat=Reference) says that the FiOS STBs (all models apparently) should work with Revue.  How do you have it hooked up?

Re: hdmi does not work

As I said in my posting, I am a professional.  I would not have bought the unit had I not seen the logitech listing of compatible STB.  Also, be assured that I have hooked it up correctly.  There does not appear to be any way to do it wrong.

1.  STB hdmi OUT  to Revue hdmi  IN

2. Revue HDMI OUT to TV HDMI IN   Tried all three ports.  NO Go.

How pray tell could I have screwed that up?

Read my post please. Went through the cable **bleep**

Revue HDMI out to TV works okay I get a signal and can start the initialization procedure.  I have a wifi problem which

I may fix by opting ethernet if high gain antenna does not fix.  As I said, I am a professional..i have read thoroughly the Actiontec (router), logitech  and Verizon Forums.  This STB misbehavior is endemic to to the benighted Motorola STB and has been endemic from the start.  Obviously, Logitec testing of the Motorola STB was inadequate.  My original question

stands, since the MOtorola STB does not work on HDMI.  Please confine your reply to a substantive response to my question.

1. When will the Verizon STB  be made to provide fully functional HDMI outputs.

if not that,

2. When will Verizon provide a fully functional STB?


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