intro to TiVO versus Fios TV?
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Apologies if there is already a thread here, or been asked before, but i am looking to reduce my rental fee for Fios services - already use my own router, and have TV working with Moca bridge, but wanted to see what my options were to really get rid of the STB and DVR fee -

  1. is TiVO the only (or best option)
  2. Other than cablecard, what else would we need from VZ?
  3. I realize onDemand or DVR might not work - is that accurate? or are there more things?
  4. Assuming support will not help with any issues? or since it still needs a cablecard, they will?
  5. What connections are needed for TiVo? just internet/coax/both?
  6. is there something analogous to a TV one mini? if so, how is it connected?
  7. what versions of TiVo are recommended? DVR capacities?
  8. Anything else?

Appreciate any feedback.

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