just upgraded to fios quantum
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i just upgrade to fios quantum where i could record 6 shows.  I got a message saying there was a dvr conflict.  I had 3 shows recording and was watching another channel in another room with a media client and my brother and father were watching another channel in a different room also with a media client.  Why did this happen.  I thought I was able to record 6 shows. 

Thanks for any help.  I'm just confused.

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You can record up to 6 shows.

The VMS has 6 tuners.

The IPCs use one of the tuners each if they are on.

How many IPCs do you have total?

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Below is from Pg 3 of the IPC manual

• The IPC1100 uses MoCA to communicate to the VMS1100 Gateway. Audio and video content, as
well as entitlement messaging, are delivered over MoCA.
Standard Audio/Video Features
• Digital video scaling (picture in graphics)
• Macrovision® copy protection
• High-Definition video output through:
ο HDMI (also compatible with DVI using an HDMI-to-DVI converter cable)
ο Component Video (YPbPr)
• Standard-Definition video output through:
ο Baseband (Composite)
ο RF
• Audio output through:
ο Digital audio (S/PDIF) ATSC standard Dolby Digital optical
ο Baseband L/R
Standard DVR Functionality (Only available when connected to the VMS1100)
• DVR functionality integrated with the IPG enables subscribers to:
ο Pause, rewind, fast-forward, or record live TV
ο Maintain a personal recorded program library and access it using the IPG
ο Select programs to record across multiple channels and time slots
ο Rewind and replay recorded programs
ο Simultaneously watch two programs, switching easily between them using the swap key
(Dependent upon program guide support and provided remote control)
ο Record a program in the background while viewing another live program
ο Simultaneously record programs from two channels while watching a different pre-recorded
program, with the ability to switch viewing between any of the three programs
ARRIS cannot guarantee the exact amount of programming that each subscriber will be able to record.
The approximate time depends on the programming type and the drive size: